A managed account enables you to delegate the day-to-day investment decisions and implementation of your chosen investment strategy to professional investment managers. For over 40 years BT Managed Accounts has been at the forefront of the private client sector, and has established a leading market position as a preferred solution for portfolio management services. Our long history of serving individuals, private companies, charities and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), demonstrates our commitment to developing and maintaining relationships with our clients - many of whom have been with us for over 25 years.

The success of our tailored investment solutions, combined with our dedication to understand the needs of our clients, allows BT Managed Accounts to provide a competitive product suite geared towards the efficient and transparent provision of quality portfolio management.

BT Aspire Portfolio

The BT Aspire Portfolio is a Wholesale Individually Managed Account(IMA) multi-asset class investment portfolio providing the ability to diversify your investments in order to position the portfolio to achieve a balanced risk/return.
BT Aspire Portfolio aims to assist investors at any stage of the wealth management lifecycle. Be it accumulation, preservation or providing income in retirement.
A dedicated portfolio specialist provides individualised portfolio management that reflects your investment objectives in establishing and managing a tax-effective, diversified investment portfolio.

Features of the BT Aspire Portfolio

  • $500,000 minimum investment using any combination of client funds or in-specie transfer of existing holdings
  • Dedicated portfolio specialist
  • Beneficial ownership of listed securities and access to a range of asset classes
  • Comprehensive portfolio administration and consolidated reporting
  • Ability to diversify your portfolio to seek a balance of capital growth and income (over an appropriate investment timeframe, recommended as 5 years or more)
  • Diversification seeks to smooth out both the risk and return, reducing the potential volatility of investing in only one asset class
  • Receive potential benefits of the income from dividends, franking credits and potential capital growth (however if markets do not perform, any corresponding losses)

BT Private Portfolio

The BT Private Portfolio is a bespoke Wholesale IMA multi-asset class investment portfolio with a Portfolio Manager overlay and direct client contact. The BT Private Portfolio provides you access to a diverse range of investments, focusing primarily on direct shares and listed property. You can also access other asset classes through funds managed by BT's in-house team as well as funds managed through strategic alliances with global investment managers.

Features of the BT Private Portfolio

  • $1,000,000 minimum initial investment
  • A bespoke service provided by your dedicated Senior Portfolio Manager working with you, your financial adviser or accountant
  • Beneficial ownership of listed securities and access to a range of asset classes
  • A range of risk/return preferences and investment styles
  • Portfolios structured and managed for tax efficiency
  • Online access to performance reports, market updates and performance benchmarks
  • Access to the latest investment insights and economic commentary

 Download the BT Private Portfolio Application Form (pdf)